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Ka’anapali Shores

Ka’anapali Shores has been a premier vacation destination for the last 30 years. The complex has also been popular for those looking to purchase vacation rental friendly condos in West Maui . That raises the question why are there so many listings on the market in Kaanapali Shores? The reason is simple, after 30 years quite a few of the units need upgrading. Resort Quest who handles the vast majority of the vacation rentals in the complex is requesting that owners upgrade their units in order to stay in their rental program. This will ensure that the resort maintains its AAA three diamond rating. The renovations to the appliances, bathrooms and kitchens are estimated to cost approximately $30,000. It is a three stage process with appliance upgrades to be completed by September 1, 2007. Bathroom remodels are to be completed by December 31, 2008. Finally, kitchen remodels are to be completed by December 21, 2009. Resort Quest is offering financing for the construction project and they have hired contractors to carry out the upgrades. They have also allowed owner’s the flexibility of using their own contractors. Buyer’s need to be mindful of the cost to upgrade when purchasing a condo. On the flip side, buyer’s can also view this as an opportunity. The number of units available in this complex has made Ka’anapali Shores a buyer’s market. There is a great chance to buy in one West Maui’s most popular condo complexes.

Pete Jalbert

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