Kahului Town Center Project Continues to Move Forward

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The Maui News reported in yesterday’s paper that the Kahului Town Center received its Special Management Area Approval from the Planning Commission. The 20 acre town center is a redevelopment of the existing Kahului Shopping Center in the heart of Kahului. A fire at the shopping center two years ago spurred plans for the redevelopment. Developer Alexander and Baldwin Properties hopes to create a mixed use community that will have retail, commercial and residential units. The project is also to include space for a farmer’s market and a half acre town square park. The meeting included significant discussion on the preservation of the shopping center’s monkeypod trees. The grand old trees have become a symbol of the property. The commission approved the permit on the condition that the trees be retained or replanted. Other conditions were around the clock security, 5 acres of ball fields for the parks department, compliance with the new affordable housing policies and traffic improvements. A&B properties were also asked to make a voluntary contribution to Maui High.

Now that A&B has SMA approval, they will be able to complete building plans and apply for building permits. It is hoped that construction will start in late 2008 and completion of the project will take up to ten years. The developer plans a phased approach to the development. We will continue to monitor the progress of the Kahului Town Center and the availability of both commercial and residential units.

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