Kai Lenny at Jaws on January 4, 2012

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Maui Real Estate Team agent Martin Lenny’s son Kai is one of the most accomplished young watermen in the world. He is the two time world champion for Stand Up Paddling, a world class distance Stand Up Paddler, a professional windsurfer, a world class kite surfer, a great surfer, tow surfer and big wave rider. Kai was a stand out performer during the big swell at Jaws last week. In the morning, he paddled into some great waves on his surf board. This was Kai’s first time paddling in (not on a SUP board) at Jaws and he caught some bombs.

In the afternoon, Kai rigged up his windsurf equipment and caught quite a few more good waves. He then traded in his windsurf gear for a kite board. After catching a few on his kite gear, he picked up the rope and was towed into some more big waves. Four sports in one day at Jaws is quite the feat of skill and endurance. Here are a few pictures of Kai on the big waves. The top two are picture we took from up on the cliff. The bottom two are pictures from other photographers that Martin sent to us.

Here is a link to a fantastic picture by Frank Berthout of Kai Lenny Windsurfing at Jaws. Great job Kai. You have bigger huevos than anyone in the office.

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