Kai Lenny Four in One

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When people think of big waves and Maui, they generally think of the North Shore coastline and places like Jaws. This is the time of year when big storms marching across the Northern Pacific send huge swells crashing into our North and West facing coastlines. That being said, every once in a while Maui’s South Facing Shores will get a really big swell. These waves are typically generated by big storms in the Southern Hemisphere during the Austral Winter. This past summer, the South Shore of Maui experienced a once every 15-20 year type of swell.

Martin Lenny is an agent for the Maui Real Estate Team. His son Kai is gaining notoriety as one of the great young water people in the world. Kai is a two time world champion Stand Up Paddle Surfer, a Pro Windsurfer, an incredibly talented Kite surfer and a great surfer. One of his sponsors recently put together a video of Kai riding the big waves of this summer’s once every twenty year swell. Kai started his day Stand Up Paddling into the waves. He then proceeded to go back out for three more sessions in the water on his surfboard, windsurf and kite boards respectively. The resulting video is titled Kai Lenny 4 in 1.

You can keep up with more of Kai’s adventures on his Facebook page.

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