Kapalua Mauka Approved

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Before a packed meeting of supporters and detractors, the Maui County Council gave the final approvals necessary for the Kapalua Mauka development to move forward. The vote passed by a 6-3 margin. The end result will be an expansion of the existing Kapalua development that will include a golf course, retail space and 690 homes and condos. Opponents of the project were concerned about the impact on strained infrastructure and questioned the need for additional luxury homes when there is a shortage of affordable housing. Proponents of the project cited the economic benefits for the community and see it as a way to bolster Maui Land and Pine as the company continues to transition from its agricultural roots. The affordable housing element was one of the more contentious debates about the development during the approval process. As part of the approval for the project. Maui Land and Pine agreed to construct 173 affordable units as one of the conditions for approval. Some of these units will be built immediately as affordable rentals, the remainder will be incorporated into Pulelehua another proposed Maui Land and Pine development that is still awaiting approvals. For more information on the approval, check out the article in Saturday’s Maui News.

Speaking of Pulelehua, testimony on the project began last week with the Land Use commision saying they are generally supportive of the department. Other experts to testify included fire, traffic and police experts. They discussed how Pulelehua would impact West Maui infrastructure. The 300 acre 882 residential unit project is said to focused towards providing housing for other Maui Land and Pine employees. Now that Kapalua Mauka has been approved, this project will be moving to the forefront of West Maui development discussions. Additional information is also available on the project through a Saturday Maui News article.

Stay tuned to The Maui Real Estate Blog as we continue to provide information on Pulelehua and other new developments being reviewed by the County of Maui.

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