Lahaina Real Estate Listings

Lahaina Town is the one time capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, a former whaling port and now a focal point of the Maui tourist industry. On August 9th, the community was ravaged by a tragic fire.

A significant number of the neighborhoods in the community were destroyed. If you are interested in how to help the community, check out the How to Help Maui page.


Lahaina Fires

On August 8th, 2023, a fire devastated the community of Lahaina. The flames destroyed up to 90% of the structures in town. A number of historical sites and significant Hawaiian Cultural sites were completely burned. Tragically, a number of people lost their lives in the event.

Support Lahaina

Our hearts break for the residents of the community. The community will take a long time to recover. If you want to support the residents or help the community’s recovery, think about making a contribution to one of these local non-profits that will provide direct support to members of the community.

Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund The Hawaii Community Foundation does tremendous work supporting local non-profits.

Maui Mutual Aid This volunteer organization distributes aid directly to some of the community’s most vulnerable residents.

Maui Food Bank It will be important to make sure that the Food Bank is well stocked for the long term as the loss of jobs and homes continue to impact the community.