Last High Surf Warning of the Season

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The North Shore of Maui may be experiencing the last high surf warning of the winter surf season. Wave heights rose abruptly over night bringing surf as high as 40 feet on the face to select outer reefs. The large swell is coming from a low pressure system with hurricane force winds about 1,000 miles Northwest of Maui. The storm system also has been responsible for the rain that soaked the island earlier today. The warning is set to expire by 6:00 AM tomorrow. While there was some rain and thunder today, big wave riders were able to take advantage of the big waves and offshore Kona winds. It is likely that this may be the last high surf warning of the season as we approach the beginning of spring. High surfing warning conditions can occur into April on the North Shore, but they are a lot less common than during the peak of the season from December through February. A high surf advisory will continue tomorrow with wave heights of 15 feet or more. These are still hazardous conditions and beach goers should exercise caution in and around the ocean.

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