Launiopoko Sunset

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This is a recent photo of Launiopoko Beach Park at sunset taken by Billy’s wife Carla. I have always loved the silhouette of a palm tree at sunset. This time the palm trees are joined by a couple of Iron woods.

Launiopoko is a great little beach park near Lahaina. It is a great place to take in a sunset, watch whales in the winter, and barbecue. There is a protected and shallow swim area that is great for kids and the surf is usually tame enough for beginners. Regardless of wave size, surfers should be cautious due to the shallow nature of the wave.

Across from the beach and up the hillside is the popular Launiopoko subdivision. Known for its views, the area is mostly 2 acre or larger lots with nice homes and cottages. A number of the lots have been through the CPR or condo process allowing the seller to sell off smaller parcels with clear title. If you are interested in property in this community, contact us today.

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