Launiupoko Homes for Sale

Launupoko is a neighborhood of homes on large lots situated at the base of the West Maui Mountains just to the South of Lahaina. The homes in the community offer stunning views of the ocean and neighbor islands. The neighborhood experienced incredibly strong demand over the last 20 years due to views, location and acreage unique within the Lahaina area.

Launiupoko Might Be A Good Fit For You If…

  • You value acreage. The zoning in the area is agricultural meaning the base lot sizes are two acres or larger.
  • A dry climate is your preference. Located in the rain shadow of the West Maui Mountains, the area typically receives only 10-15 inches of rain annually. It tends to be warm and sunny.
  • Views are paramount. A home with a lesser view in Launiupoko still tends to have very good views. Big vistas of the Pacific and Lanai are pretty standard. The views of the West Maui Mountains aren’t too shabby either.
  • You want to have a small scale farm. Smaller nieghborhood agricultural operations include dragon Fruit Farms, Coffee, small scale vegetable farming, horses and more.
  • You like to SUP or longboard. Launiupoko Beach Park is located at the bottom of the hill below the subdivision. This is a great spot for gentle longboard waves through most of the year.

Launiupko May Not Be a Fit If…

  • You have a limited budget. Cottages in the neighborhood start for over $1,500,000 with some estate style homes selling for well over $5,000,000.
  • While some may relish the abundant sunshine, it can be hot and it is most definitely dry. Tropical landscaping will need lots of irrigation.
  • You want a more resort like setting. You will need to drive to places like Ka’anapali or Kapalua for Golf or other resort amenities. The local beaches are great for board sports, but not conducive to snorkeling and swimming.

Other Things to Know About Launiupoko

  • A significant portion of the homes in Launiupoko went through the CPR process. With agricultural lots, there is potential to build a house and a cottage. The typical Launiupoko CPR includes two units. One is the main house and an area of surrounding land. The other is the cottage and an area of surrounding land. Each unit may be sold separately with each owner holding separate title.
  • The development of the community occurred through a number of different areas and phases over the years. They include the phases of Mahanalua Nui, the phases of Makila Plantation, Makila Ridge and Makila Ranches.
  • The phases of the development are notable for two reasons. Location and covenants. Mahanalua Nui is located on the South of the development. Makila Plantation is on the North Side. Makila Ridge is on the North higher up the West Mauis. Lots in Makila Ranches are closest to the water. A couple of phases of Makila Plantation currently prohibit CPRs.
  • The neighborhood uses a private water system. There are monthly fees for maintenance of common areas and the water system.
  • Launiupoko does have some vulnerability to wildfire. The August 2023 Fire burned right up to the Western boundary of the neighborhood. Two past fires entered the neighborhood. As a Firewise Neighborhood, the association works with residents to mitigate against fire risks.

Launiupoko Homes for Sale

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