Maalaea Mauka

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A group of developers unveiled their plans for a project dubbed Maalaea Mauka in an area across the street from the Maui Ocean Center. The plans were presented at a meeting of the Maalaea Community association. Among the 70 or so people in the audience was mayor Alan Arakawa. The developers have been buying large plots of land from Wailuku Agribusiness over the last couple of years. In the meeting they discussed their plans to develop these lands with as many as 949 residential units spread over 2000 acres. The information session was well received by a number of attendees, but there were a few concerns raised about infrastructure and planning. Mayor Arakawa also raised some concern that the # of new housing communities that are being proposed may actually exceed the demand in the market. Maalaea Mauka, has a long way to go before it comes to fruition. We will continue to follow the new development as it is reviewed by the county. For more information on last week’s meeting, check out the article in yesterday’s Maui News.

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