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Malia’s First Swim

Billy’s daughter Malia has shown a passion for the ocean from an early age. Growing up on Maui can do that to a kid. A steady diet of “Finding Nemo” helps too! We have been able to address her curiosity through frequent visits to the Maui Ocean Center and the beach. Malia also was able to indulge herself in the the tide pools at local beaches and has donned mask, snorkel and life jacket to take in more of the underwater world. The only barrier that remained between her and additional ocean discoveries was swimming. Billy and his wife Carla have been determined to help her overcome that barrier without falling in to the category of pushy parents. With a little bit of encouragement, the light bulb went on this weekend and Malia swam her first strokes in the pool at the home where I live. Before long, those tentative strokes were replaced by more confident swimming. We put her mask and snorkel on and I was ready to christen her the S.S. Malia!

Congrats Malia! Your uncle and your parents are very proud of you!

Pete Jalbert

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