Mandatory Solar Hot Water Heaters for Hawaii?

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Many Hawaii residents are already conserving and saving on their electric bills by using solar hot water heaters. If the state legislature has its way, the number of solar hot water heaters used in Hawaii will continue to grow significantly. State lawmakers passed a bill that will make solar hot water heaters mandatory on all homes constructed after January 1, 2010. The bill was passed earlier in the spring by the state legislature. The bill still needs to go in front of governor Linda Lingle. She has until the 8th of July to determine whether to sign the bill, veto it, or let it become law without signature. The solar hot water bill was not without controversy so it is hard to assess whether or not it will pass at this point. If it does, Hawaii would be the first state to pass a bill of this type. As soon as we have news, we will provide an update on whether or not the bill becomes a law on THE Maui Real Estate Blog.

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