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Maui Condo Entry Prices

Maui has a very diverse range of condos. There are over 210 condos on island and they are by no means created equal. In addition to geographic variability, there are properties that offer vacation rentals and properties that prohibit vacation rentals. Most condos offer conventional or fee simple ownership, but Maui also has leasehold ownership. There are condos geared towards those with modest incomes and there are ultra luxurious condos. Like most real estate markets, the Maui Condo market has been pretty dynamic over the last couple of years. Different segments of the condo market have seen various rates of adjustment. With so many different condo types and a shifting market, I thought it might be helpful to provide some information on the current entry prices among some of the different segments of the condo market. The numbers listed below represent asking prices.

The list above represents some of the condo property types that generate the most inquiries. There are of course many other varieties and geographies available on island. If you don’t see a type of condo that suits your needs, you can do a free custom search of the current Maui listings. You can also contact us directly for personal assistance.

Pete Jalbert

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