Maui County Property Tax Assessment Day

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March 15 is the day that tax assessments are sent out to property owners on Maui. It is a difficult job to keep up with property values in Maui’s extremely dynamic real estate market. Historically, many properties on Maui have been under-assessed. However, we have noticed a trend over the past several years where some properties have been over-assessed. When you receive your assessed valuation, please take the time to review the value that Maui County has assigned to your property. If the County substantially over-values your property, it may be worth your while to appeal the assessed value. The appeal process is not the most user-friendly, and you need to act quickly, the deadline to place an appeal is April 9. However, we are aware of success stories.

For more information regarding Maui County Property Taxes and the appeal process visit the Maui County Tax Website at Click here.

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