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Maui County Property Taxes Due Reminder

The deadline for Maui property owners to pay the first installment of their 2011-2012 fiscal year property taxes is tomorrow August 20th. As reported in today’s Maui news, the penalty for late payment is now particularly steep for owner occupants. As per a recent update to county ordinances, owner occupants who fail to pay their property taxes on time will loose their homeowner exemption. The homeowner exemption deducts $200,000 from an owner’s assessed value. Additionally, the tardy tax payers will find their home taxed at a higher rate. The new tax rate will be based on the underlying land classification. For example, primary residences on ag land would be taxed at agricultural rates. The owner will not be able to reestablish their exemption and homeowner classification until the next fiscal year.

If you haven’t paid your property taxes yet, it isn’t too late. Here is a link to the different ways you can make payment to the Maui County Property Office. Your best bet to ensure punctual payment might be to pay your property taxes online. Please note, the Maui News article article indicated taxes needed to be paid by the 22nd which is Monday. The county site is saying taxes are due by tomorrow. Based on the penalties that may be incurred, it may be better to be safe than sorry and pay by tomorrow.

Pete Jalbert

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