Maui County Property Taxes May Now be Paid Online

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The Maui County Real Property Tax Department is now accepting electronic tax payments. Local property owners should have received their most recent property tax bill for the second installment of their 2010-2011 fiscal year tax payment sometime in the last week. The next payment is due on February 20th. You now have the option of paying your bill online or by phone using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks (the check must be drawn on a US bank, in US dollars).

Their is an administrative fee for online payments. The fees apply to each property tax payment processed (you can not pay taxes for two or more parcels at a time). The fee is 2.35% of the total amount being paid for credit cards. Fees for debit card payments are $3.95. Fees for electronic check payments drawn on US Banks are $1.49. Non-US banks are not accepted. The fee will be disclosed to you when you confirm the payment.

When using these electronic payment options, it is a good idea to have your tax bill in front of you. Tax bills are mailed to property owners July 20th and January 20th each year. If you do not have a tax bill you will need your tax map key (TMK). To find your TMK visit The Maui Property Tax website. The TMK used to make electronic payments is 13 digits and begins with the number 2. If you obtain your TMK from the Maui Property Tax Site you will need to add the number 2 to the beginning of your TMK.

Here is the link tommake online Maui County Property Tax Payments. You must have an email address to use the online payment service. Buyers may still pay by the traditional methods via mail or in person at the county tax office.

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