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I thought I would post a couple of notes on green living in Maui. Maui’s county council has passed the first reading of a new bill that would ban plastic bags from the point of sale of island retailers. The bill would go into effect on January 1, 2011 to give local merchants time to adapt to the new legislation. Some retailers are already making the shift. Merchants in Paia worked in conjuntion with to make the North Shore community Hawaii’s first plastic bag free town. The Plastic bag ban bill still needs to go through a second reading in front of council before it goes in front of the mayor for approval.

For those that are interested in Maui’s green future, there is a great event scheduled this weekend. The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui at Maui Community College is hosting its first annual Maui Sustainable Living Expo. The event runs Saturday and Sunday and features exhibits, discussions, demonstrations, food, music and more. Key themes are food and energy security for Maui, sustainability in a Native Hawaiian Cultural Context and more. Check out the event’s press release for additional information on tickets and events.

Pete Jalbert

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