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Rainbows, Palm Trees and Sunsets included

Maui homes for sale provide more than a house to live in or mere resale value: Maui homes for sale offer a place of beauty, a sense of aloha and a chance to live a truly relaxed lifestyle. There is so much to be said about the wonderful island of Maui. Homes for sale on this island provide you with an opportunity to own a little slice of paradise.

Embrace Island Living with Maui Homes

The beauty of Maui goes without saying. It is the sheer variety of beauty that will surprise you. Settle down and feel the sand between your toes on the sun-soaked palm-fringed sandy beaches on the South and West sides of the island.

Or you can dive into the beautiful turquoise waters of the Pacific. The eastern side of the Island and eastern slope of the West Maui Mountains define tropical splendor.  Lush green rainforests, steep mountainsides, cascading waterfalls and black sand beaches make this some of the most scenic and breathtaking land in all of Polynesia.

What you might not expect to find is the rolling countryside of the Upcountry areas or Haleakala. Beautiful green pastureland dotted with groves of eucalyptus trees make this area a country idyll that few can match — combined with a cooler climate to provide Upcountry residents with their own version of paradise. Traveling up another mile in elevation, you will discover an alpine climate zone at the top of Haleakala.

On rare occasions, the 10,000 foot summit will even get a dusting of snow. That often prompts local residents to load up their pickups with snow for a tropical snowball fight. While nobody lives towards the summit of Haleakala, it is niceto know that there is yet another place to get away to within a short distance.

Explore Maui’s Diverse Neighborhoods

The variety of Maui is one of the reasons that Maui residents do not suffer from Island fever — there are so many different and unique places to explore that it is hard to get bored. The reality is that most Maui residents see more varied terrain in their weekly routine than many mainlanders.

While the mainland is a large land mass, most people confine themselves to an area within a 25-50 mile radius of home. Maui residents also take advantage of numerous short plane flights to neighboring islands.

The variety of environments also makes for a tremendous diversity in homes. Maui homes for sale encompass a variety of styles and sizes reflecting the environmental diversity of the island. Along the beach and ocean, Maui homes for sale include a number of spectacular estate properties.

Historic towns like Wailuku, Paia and Lahaina often have old plantation and cane style homes for sale. The upcountry homes for sale often have fireplaces for the cooler winter nights up at elevation. Maui homes for sale in the more remote areas of the east and north east sides of Maui are often located off the beaten path, requiring a certain level of self-sufficiency.

These homes will often include catchments for water or solar and wind driven energy. They provide an excellent opportunity for those that want to live closer to nature.


Employment is always a consideration when moving to a new place. In the past, there were relatively limited employment options on Maui. Homes for sale were available to second home owners or those that were able to find a niche in the island’s limited businesses.

There were businesses to support the tourist industry, there was agriculture(pineapple, sugar cane and pakalolo) and there was little else. Technology has multiplied the employment options. Numerous Maui residents now telecommute for mainland-based companies.

We have friends who telecommute in finance, technology and consulting. Broadband is prevalent throughout most of the island with DSL, cable and cell technology covering the majority of the island. In addition to telecommuting, Maui entrepreneurs are having increasing success.

Eco-friendly businesses are growing and a Maui-based publishing company recently had a book on the New York Times Best Seller list. A little bit of entrepreneurialism and a good work ethic go a long way towards success in Maui’s growing economy.

Maui Homes for Sale & the Spirit of Aloha

Maui Homes for sale also include the sense of aloha and community that pervades Hawaii. The people of Maui might be its greatest draw. The spirit of Aloha is alive and well. Inherent in this spirit is a tremendous sense of family and giving.

People still take the time to help their neighbors when they need a hand. The Hawaiian culture offers much for those who take the time to learn about this great Polynesian culture and its people.

It is also a proud culture. Hawaiian residents take a lot of pride in the accomplishments of its citizenry.

All of these collective features make Maui homes for sale all that much more valuable. If you are thinking about moving to Maui, consider everything else that comes with your purchase — natural beauty, great people and a relaxed way of life.When considering the next place you live, consider your options in Maui.

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