Maui “Jungle Fantasy”

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I’m sure more than a few people have different visions of jungle fantasies on Maui. Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend one at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center with my children.

The Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy is playing at the MACC for two days before it hits Broadway. Jungle Fantasy is the offspring of the Cirque du Soleil. Featuring soaring acrobatics, exotic jungle scenery and costumes and the spectacular feats of strength and balance this is a can’t miss show. My children Malia (6.5) and Ryder (5) were absolutely mesmerized for the entire show and so was I. There are still some tickets available today at the MACC Box office or website at the link above.

One of Maui’s finest attributes is the melting pot of cultures. From the original Polynesian settlers to the Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Germans, Koreans, Mexicans, Portuguese and of course Americans, Maui has an incredibly diverse population. That is one of the reasons why Maui attracts international visitors, performers and artists. It also makes Maui a great place to attend an event. From the Jungle Fantasy at the MACC to the International Festival of Canoes which runs from May 18 to 31 in Lahaina celebrating the Hawaiian and Polynesian Traditions, Maui is more than just sunshine and world-class beaches. Enjoy Maui for everything it offers and you’ll see why so many of us believe that it is the best place in the world.

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