Maui Land for Sale

maui land for sale

Maui Lots and Acreage

Interested in purchasing land on Maui? Maui’s finite size (729 square miles) and awe-inspiring beauty have created a robust market for the purchase and sale of land on Maui. Read our tips for buying land in Maui.

Benefits of Buying Land in Maui

Investment Potential

Purchasing land in Maui offers significant financial benefits. The island’s real estate market has shown consistent appreciation, making it a sound investment.

Whether you plan to develop the land or hold it as a long-term asset, Maui’s growing popularity as a destination ensures strong potential for value increase over time.


Maui provides a unique lifestyle that’s hard to match. Imagine living just minutes away from pristine beaches, enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, and snorkeling year-round, and being surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

The island’s laid-back, serene environment promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle, perfect for relaxation and adventure alike.


Owning land in Maui gives you the freedom to design and build your dream home. You can tailor every detail to your preferences, from the architectural style to the landscape design.

This customization ensures your home perfectly fits your needs and desires, providing a personalized sanctuary in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.
Maui has many different climates and geographies.

Maui land for sale includes:

  • resort style properties
  • beachfront properties
  • large agricultural plots
  • ranch lands
  • suburban subdivisions
  • and even secluded mountain hideaways

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