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Maui Long Term Rentals and Vacation Rentals

We have been receiving a number of inquiries lately for long term rentals and vacation rentals. Our specialty and focus is on residential and commercial sales. While we are always willing to lend a hand, we are not the best resources when it comes to rentals.

For long term rentals, my experience has been that the Maui News Classifieds offers the best bet for finding a rental. Another resource worth checking is the Maui Craigslist. If all else fails, give us a call and we can put you in touch with some property managers who may be able to assist.

For Vacation rentals, we have a Maui Vacation Rentals page with the names of a couple of vacation rental companies, a Maui Bed and Breakfast and more. Other resources worth checking out include sites like, Maui Surf and Turf. or of course you can always Google Maui Vacation Rentals or vacation rentals for specific Maui communities.

Pete Jalbert

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