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Maui News Takes an Interesting Look at Maui Land and Pine

Real Estate and agriculture are two subjects that are intertwined on Maui. The primary ties that bind real estate and agriculture on the island are the companies Maui Land and Pine and Alexander and Baldwin. The companies are the largest landowners on the island, and they are responsible for the majority of the sugar cane and pineapple production on the island. They also have a significant hand in island real estate. As agriculture has become less profitable, the companies have shifted more of their resources to real estate sales and development. This is not a new phenomenon, it has been going on for some time and is reflected in major resorts like Wailea (Alexander and Baldwin) and Kapalua (Maui Land and Pine). However, as sugar cane and pineapple become less profitable, land sales have become critical to the companies overall profitability. This is especially the case with Maui Land and Pine which is a less diverse company than Alexander and Baldwin.

Today’s Maui News takes an interesting look at how Maui Land and Pine has sold a significant amount of its land holdings in Maui’s Upcountry over the last few years. The story takes a look at how the sales have the potential to change the landscape of these communities as some of the larger parcels are converted into agricultural subdivisions. The Maui News also includes a list of Maui Land and Pine’s Upcountry Sales over the last three years. It will be interesting to see what other parcels Maui Land and Pine puts up for sale in the future as more pineapple goes out of production. While there is certainly concern that vast tracts of farm land and open space may convert to subdivisions. It will be interesting to see if there is sufficient demand or infrastructure for all of the potential subdivisions. We will continue to keep an eye on these subjects on The Maui Real Estate blog.

Pete Jalbert

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