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Maui Real Estate opportunities for international buyers?

An article in today’s New York Times regarding the plunge in the US currency versus the Euro and the British Pound raises an interesting question.

Is Maui Real Estate a bargain for international buyers? At $2.05 to the British Pound, $1.38 to the Euro, approximately $.96 to the Canadian Dollar and $.88 to the Australian Dollar it sure looks like it. Today many international currencies go farther in Maui Real Estate than they ever have. Couple that with Maui’s very cosmopolitan population and it makes for an good time to purchase Maui Real Estate for international buyers.

We have the knowledge, skills and information to help international customers buy and sell real estate on Maui. Look for more blog posts in the coming weeks on this subject. And of course, feel free to contact the Jalbert Brothers today if you have any questions.

Pete Jalbert

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