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Today, we have a guest blogger highlighting a fun activity on Maui both for visitors and kama’aina alike. Chris Norberg of Hawaii Web Group has some thoughts on sailing opportunities around Maui.

Sailing in Maui

Any chance we get, you’ll find us out on the water enjoying a sailing cruise. With warm tropical air rushing over us, turquoise waters, whales and dolphins, and the kind of perfection that you can only find in a Maui sunset, why wouldn’t we be sailing? Below we’ve outlined a few tips for enjoying a perfect day sailing in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Sailing Tips

1. Choose your timing wisely – Wind around Maui usually picks up anywhere from 9am to noon each day. Sailing in calmer weather is always more comfortable (especially if you’re prone to be sea sick.) Of course, if you go with no wind, you’ll be using the motor. We like to go around 2-3pm when the sun is hitting the water just right (making that expensive purchase at Maui Jims worthwhile. Polarized glasses rock!)

2. Book a boat that typically doesn’t overcrowd – The Kai Kanani is well-known for keeping passenger numbers low. Or, if you’ve got the coin, charter a private Yacht like the Island Star. Having room to roam is a big plus when sailing.

3. Ask the captain if you can take the wheel – You’ll be surprised how cool a captain can be. So long as you’re in an open area, you’ll probably get a chance to be a captain.

4. Go during whale season – Mid December to around Mid April is whale season in Maui. You’ll find Late January and all of February are the best for watching Humpback surface activity. You’ll never forget the first time you watch whales breach close to your boat.

5. Catch a sunset – Though waters might be more rough, you’ll enjoy colors bounce off the ocean. Make sure to bring a camera too.

6. Choose a harbor nearest you – Boats leave from Lahaina, Maalaea, and even from in front of the Makena Beach & Golf Resort. All of these areas have somegreat boats (though not all boats are all that great.) You don’t really need to drive further than you have to.

7. If you get sea sick, take precautions –
A. Bring ginger candy (or fresh ginger if adventurous). Ginger ale is served on most Maui boats. Take advantage.
B. have a little bit of food in your stomach before going, but not too much.
C. Take some Dramamine. Sometimes drugs are needed.
D. Sit where you get fresh air. If you’re gonna get sick, stay downwind.

Types of vessels

Single Hull – Though less stable, these are traditional sailing vessels. You’ll be rocking a bit more, but you’ll be truly sailing.

Catamaran – These are more stable, but you’ll be missing out on a little but of the excitement.

Have fun and be safe. Feel free to visit Maui Sailing if you’d like to learn more.

Pete Jalbert

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