Maui Schools

Maui Schools

Considering that we live in the most isolated archipelago in the world, the schools on Maui are diverse and surprisingly good. Many of our public schools are improving and there are a plethora of private, college preparatory options for residents to choose from as well. As parents of school age children and some recent graduates, the Maui Real Estate Team Members have researched the many schools and have a fairly good handle on the options, whether you are seeking an alternative program such as Montessori or Waldorf or a more traditional education approach.

The links below will help you research the options further as well.

Public Schools of Maui Hawaii

Seabury Hall (Private School)

Montessori Upcountry (Private School)

Montessori Kihei (Private School)

Saint Anthony (Catholic School)

Haleakala Waldorf (Private School)

Maui Preparatory Academy (Private School)

Dorris Todd (Christian School)

Carden Academy

Kihei Charter