Maui Surf Update

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After a slow start to the month of April, it looks like next week might bring us a healthy dose of surf on both shores of the island. The North Shore has had small swell most of the month, but a change in the jet stream will cause the North Pacific to send swell our way late sunday or early monday. This late season swell has the potential to build to a high surf advisory. The South Shores have seen a few small bumps as the Southern Hemisphere heads towards winter. By the end of next week, we may see our first high surf advisory for the south shores. Bear in mind that the scales for a high surf advisory are a bit different on the different shores of Maui. A north shore high surf advisory is triggered with waves that are 15 feet on the faces. A south shore advisory only needs 8 foot surf to be at advisory status. Between the two different swells, island wave riders should have some good options.

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