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Maui Whale Photos

I have written a couple of blog posts that have mentioned of Maui’s famous winter visitors including one about last Saturday’s whale day. Since then, I had my own pretty amazing whale experience on Monday. While stand up paddle surfing an outer reef, a small pod of whales came within 100 or so yards of the lineup. The gentle giants spent the better part of forty minutes rolling on the surface. Every once in a while we were treated to a breach. Perhaps they were inspired by some of the more distant pods of whales that were breaching repeatedly. It was amazing being so close to these wonderful animals.

My friend Daniel Sullivan had his own great whale experience yesterday. He took a whale watch with his son and was treated to a spectacular whale display. He counted 47 different breaches that he observed. Daniel is a talented photographer. The two pictures above are some of the breaches he caught on film. The whales should continue to put on a show for us on Maui through the end of April.

Pete Jalbert

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