Miscellaneous Paia and Maui Notes

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I had a few potential things worth blogging on today, but none were quite content rich enough for their own post. So here are a smattering of notes on Maui news and happenings on what is a beautiful Aloha Friday afternoon.

The Maui News had an article today on a recent meeting by the Maui Planning Commission that discussed the island general plan. The meeting was noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the island general plan is being updated to account for a lower forecast for island growth over the next 20 years. The lower population estimates come from a recently released study by the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. The lower population estimates means that the 2030 plan will have 2,400 to 2,600 fewer housing units.

The planning commission also discussed future growth in and around Paia town. The new general plan currently allocates two areas for future growth around Paia. One would be a 46 acre area to the West of Baldwin Avenue above Paia. This location would accommodate roughly 200 new homes. They are also targeting a 50 acre parcel above the Kuau Bayview subdivision for future growth. This development would have approximately 210 new homes.

Speaking of Paia, the county has been making steady progress on the new bike path that connects lower Paia Beach Park to Baldwin Beach Park. The black top and paint is already complete. It appears as if they are currently installing some irrigation for landscaping.

There was a bit of a buzz on the North Shore this morning as the season’s first north swell is starting to grace our shorelines. After a long summer slumber, there is a moderate swell forecast for the north shore throughout the weekend. It was just starting to come up this morning and has been slowly rising throughout the day. Typically we get our first high surf advisory of the season in late September. You can check out the surf at Paia Bay via the Paia Youth and Cultural Center Webcam. You can check the conditions at Kanaha via Maui Windcam.

Last but not least, the MACC is hosting a fun performance this weekend. While I am not usually a fan of clowns, I got a kick out of the performers from Slava’s Snow Show who came to visit our neighbors at the Green Banana Cafe. This troupe of Russian clowns have garnered rave reviews. Check out the MACC website for more information on performance times and tickets.

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