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Missing Person Alert Haiku, Maui

I wanted to get this out to our readers in the Haiku area of Maui’s North Shore. There is a woman missing who was last seen in the vicinity of the Birthing Pools along the cliffs below the Haiku Community Center. Laura Vogel was last sighted around 8:20 PM on Sunday evening. Monday morning she did not show up for her job at 9 AM. Friends began to worry at noon and hiked down to find her van at the birthing pools. The key was in the ignition and the van started up just fine. Her belongings were in order, but her wallet and cell phone were not in the van. Her cell phone is either off or dead. Friends searched the cliffs and woods around the area for hours.

The police came out and took a report. This morning the fire department and coast guard searched the cliffs and shores from the water and air. So far no sign of her as of Tuesday at noon. Friends are searching down in the area and need more eyes. Call (268-4095) for directions if you are interested in helping with the search. If you have any information, please call the Maui Police Department at 244-6425 and speak to Detective Callanen or Lt. Jacob Zack and refer to case number 10-14126.

Pete Jalbert

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