ML&P and Maui County Stuggling to Come to Terms on Pulelehua

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Maui Land and Pineapple has notified the county planning commision in writing that they object to some of the more recent terms that the county demanded for their Pulelehua development in West Maui. The two terms that are causing the most friction are the 65% affordable housing requirement and the demand for the donation of a 50 acre park. The 65% affordable housing component is to cover both Pulelehua and affordable housing requirements for Kapalua Mauka. The 65% total was derived by the planning commision based on a demand of 50% for Pulelehua and 15% for Kapalua Mauka.

The county currently requires 15% affordable housing for new developments with a county workforce bill pending that would increase the requirement to 30%. Maui Land and Pine believes that the increased demand for affordable housing is an unfair demand that is not being placed on other developers. They also argue that the remaining market based housing will not be able to subsidize the increased affordable component. Members of the planning commision argue that much of their support for the development is based on a need to fulfill a portion of the affordable housing shortage of West Maui. They contend that insufficient affordable housing make the negatives of the development outweigh the positives.

Maui Land and Pineapple opposes the 50 acre land donation on the grounds that it is illegal. The 50 acres is well over the 10 acres that the company is currently proposing. Also still in dispute is the issue of sewage treatment. The county is asking Maui Land and Pine to build their own sewage treatment plant. Maui Land and Pine contends that the county already indicated that current sewage treatment facilities would be sufficient.

We will continue to monitor developments on the Pulelehua debate. Unless there is some sort of compromise, it may be a challenge for 882 unit community to move forward.

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