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When looking at current vacant land listings, you will notice that a number of the least expensive parcels available are described as being in the district of Molokai. If you are not familiar with Molokai, Molokai is not actually on the island of Maui. It is its own separate island to the North West of Maui. It is distinct geographically and very distinct culturally. While Molokai is a beautiful island, it does not offer a lot of amenities. It has maintained a far slower pace of life. It does not have any traffic lights and there are really only three restaurants. It has remained the most distinctly Hawaiian Island of the main islands and it continues to resist development strongly. I read a great article in the New York Times today that talks about Molokai, its beauty and its conflict with development. It is a pretty realistic look at what one might expect when visiting the island. It would be a good starting point for research if you were interested in property on the island. Molokai is a beautiful place, but Molokai is not for everyone. Take your time and do your due dilligence to make sure Molokai is the right place for you. We may represent you as buyer’s agents for properties on the island. Billy has been to the island before and is familiar with its real estate market. If we can assist by providing additional information, let us know.

Updated 12/26/2008
I just saw another good article on Molokai in the New York Times that I thought might be worth posting.

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