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If any of you use My Yahoo! as a home page or for search, I have been shown a pretty cool feature that will notify you everytime there is a new post on the Blog. This is what you need to do to set up the notification.

1)Go to My Yahoo

2)Are you running the newest version of My Yahoo!?

3)If yes, click on add content. If not, you can switch to the newest My Yahoo by clicking a button on the top of the page. It is very simple and quick.

3)On the new My Yahoo click on add RSS by URL next to the find content box.

4)You should be on a page that says Add RSS by URL. Add in the box for URLs. Click Add.

5)This will take you to a page with a preview of the site on the right hand side of the page and an add button on the left hand side of the page. Click the add button. When you return to your My Yahoo! front page, you will find a link to the blog and its latest articles on the page. You can move the location of these links up and down the page by clicking on change layout.

6)Voila! Everytime you are on My Yahoo! you will be able to see if we have added new content to the blog.

Pete Jalbert

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