Naish Maui International Paddleboard Championship Today

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The 3rd annual Naish Maui International Paddleboard Race is happening today along Maui’s North Shore. The event runs from Maliko Gulch down to Kahului Harbor for a length of 9.54 miles. There will be three separate categories for the race. There is stock 12′ paddleboards. There is another unlimited paddleboard category which includes stand up paddleboards of 13 foot or less and paddleboards 12 foot or longer. Last but not least is unlimited stand up paddle boards with all boards 13 feet or longer. The race starts at 1:00 today and it should take racers anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours to compete. Traditionally, this time of year is an ideal time for racing along the north shore coastline. Tradewinds help competitors catch extended rides or glides on open ocean swells. Today will be a little more challenging as trade winds are lighter than usual. That being said, they are currently blowing stronger than forecasted. It has been amazing watching the growth of stand up paddling in the paddleboard racing scene. Billy and I were among the first couple dozen of people that regularly were making coast runs on stand up boards. Now there are literally hundreds of enthusiasts who have joined the sport. It should be a fun albeit challenging race for the competitors.

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