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Articles on new development and growth issues are published on a weekly basis in the Maui News. The frequency of these articles is a testament to the importance of these issue and the frequency of meetings on general growth and proposed subdivisions. I wnt back through the Maui News to review some of the articles that were published while we are off island. Here are the articles for those that want to keep abreast of the issues.

Urban Land Institute Think Tank recently held a meeting on affordable housing issues on Maui in Kihei. The group looked at how affordable housing issues were handled throughout the country and provided ideas as to how the county may better address the islands growing affordable housing Shortfall. Click Here for more information on the meeting.

Honua’ula, formerly known as Wailea 670, is going through the subdivision approval process. This 1400 unit development would be located between Maui Meadows and Wailea Resort. The council is currently mulling what contributions the developers will need to make towards Maui’s infrastructure in order to gain approval. A recent County land use meeting discussed some of the things the county would like to see and some of the things the developer is willing to provide. A more in depth meeting is to be held in the near future. Click here for more details.

Finally, there was an article discussing some of the struggles of the Maui County General Plan. The county council will be meeting next month to address some of the legal issues that are delaying progress on the plan. Click here for a more in depth read on the legal challenges to the plan and some of the recent criticism that has been directed towards the planning department for their management of the general plan.

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