Not all Condos are Created Equal

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People buying condos on Maui tend to have different needs. Many off island buyers are looking for condos that they may use as a second home for anywhere from a week to a couple months during the year. When they are not occupying their condo, they will often rent their place through a vacation rental program. Conversely, Kama’aina often look for condos as affordable housing, a home with limited maintenance worries, a sense of community and/or they appreciate the amenities such as a pool and spa. There are complexes on island that cater specifically to the needs of both Kama’aina and second home owners. Kama’aina oriented condo complexes differentiate themselves in that they prohibit vacation rentals. They may have a few less amenities and they tend to be more affordable than vacation rental oriented complexes. The above factors do not exclude 2nd home owners, but prohibiting vacation rentals leads to a much higher percentage of long term rentals and owner occupants. Condos suited to vacation rentals are often called condotels. These condos tend to have more amenities and are situated at beaches or other attractions such as golf courses. Some condos will have front desks on site that will help rent and market vacation rentals on the property. To help sort through which condo complexes might fit your need Contact the Jalbert Brothers today or check out the current inventory of Maui Condos for Sale.

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