November 25th Jaws Photos

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We had our first high surf warning of the 2009/2010 winter surf season this week. This means that selected surf breaks along the North Shore of Maui had wave heights that exceeded 25 feet on the face of the wave. These are the type of conditions that brings the infamous Peahi or “Jaws” surf break to life. This big wave break along the cliffs of Haiku has been the site of some of the largest waves ever ridden by man. While the waves that broke on Wednesday were medium sized by Jaws standards, they would be terrifying to most surfing mortals. Conditions the other day were conducive to both tow surfing and windsurfing.

Our friend Daniel Sullivan was nice enough to share a few photos he took from the cliffs on Wednesday. Daniel is one of the owners of Indigo Paia, a great store located in the shopping area next to our office.

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