Official 2009 May Maui Real Estate Statistics

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Yesterday, the Realtors Association of Maui posted their official statistics for the month of May. We saw a couple of additional home sales above and beyond what I reported last week in my unofficial May Maui Real Estate Statistics. That brought our number of homes sold up to 56 for the month. The nice thing about the official stats is that we get to see some additional granularity with sales reported on a community level. We also get a little bit of historical perspective with sales volume and medians reported back through 2004. Terry Tolman, the RAM chief staff executive provides some commentary with the stats. The one thing that Terry documents that I like to follow is the current inventory. We are seeing a decrease in inventory in all three property types. Homes have seen the greatest decrease. It will be worth watching if these numbers stay lower through June. We usually see a bit of an increase in listings in the summer as sellers try to catch the attention of the additional buyers that come in for our summer visitor season. Sustaining the decrease in inventory is a potential sign of improved market conditions. As always, feel free to contact us with questions or if you require assistance buying or selling property in the Maui Real Estate market.

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