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Official March 2008 Maui Real Estate Statistics

Last week, I posted the unofficial March 2008 Real Estate Statistics for Maui. Late last week, our board of Realtors posted the official stats for the month of March. There were no big changes from what I reported, but the official stats allow you to look at the statistics graphically and with more granularity. The official RAM stats include information on individual communities. I often preach caution looking at Maui median and average sales figures. The small sample size means that monthly variation in average and median prices can present a misleading view of the market. This is especially true when you look at individual communities on Maui. Sample sizes of between 5 and 50 properties can mean big swings in average and median prices based on a few homes. That being said, you may be able to glean something by looking at changes in volume of sales in individual communities. With no further ado, click here to see a PDF with all of this month’s Maui Real Estate stats.

Pete Jalbert

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