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Official March 2009 Maui Real Estate Statistics

The Realtors Association of Maui has released the official March 2009 Maui Real Estate statistics. There is not too much change from what I posted last week with the unofficial March Maui Real Estate Statistics. I actually have one more home sale reported for the month than RAM does in the official stats. I double checked the data base and I am going to stick with my unofficial 53 vs the official 52. The official stats also offer a little more granularity showing the statistics for individual Maui communities. Just beware that the smaller sample size can cause even greater variability in month to month statistics. The official stats include data from the last five years which helps provide a little more historical perspective and a sense of market adjustment over time. It also appears that RAM has added some new stats. They are now looking at how each community stacks up on a quarterly basis. Perhaps, this larger time increment will give a better view of market changes. We tend to see some pretty wide fluctuation month to month due to our sample size. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on the market.

Pete Jalbert

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