Official October 2011 Maui Real Estate Statistics

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While I posted my Unofficial October Maui Stats way back on the second of the month, I have been remiss in posting the official RAM stats. To be honest, I struggled for a week to put together a video on the statistics. Prior to releasing the video, I screened it for a test audience. Nine out of ten viewers fell asleep within the first 30 seconds. While I am contemplating releasing the video as an insomnia cure, I thought I would spare the faithful readers of the Maui Real Estate Blog. Without further ado, here are the official October Maui Real Estate Stats. The big numbers are the same as in my official stats with total sales volume for the county and median prices the same. The official stats offer some additional granularity with community level data. Contact the Maui Real Estate Team if you have any questions on the statistics or need assistance buying or selling Maui Real Estate.

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