Official September Maui Real Estate Statistics

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The Realtors Assocation of Maui posted the official September Maui Real Estate statistics late last week. The numbers came in exactly the same as what I had posted in my unofficial Maui Statistics earlier in the week. That being said, there are a couple of nice added features that are posted with the official statistics. First and foremost, there is additional granularity with information on homes and condos sold in individual communities. There is a little more historical context with comparative monthly sales data running back through to the start of 2004. I also enjoy looking at the commentary by RAM executive Terry Tolman. In particular, he always documents changes in available inventory. Shrinking inventory is one factor that will help lead to eventual market stabilization. It appears that the inventory is continuing to decrease among both homes and condos. Here is a link to the official September 2009 Maui Real Estate Statistics. Also, here is another link to a Maui News article from today discussing the state of the local real estate market.

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