Perfect Day

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I feel incredibly fortunate to live on Maui for a spectacular day like yesterday. I woke up to a sun shining brightly and not a single cloud in the sky. The West Maui Mountains were crisp, clear and spectacular. Molokai was vivid on horizon and Haleakala rose majestically into a crisp blue sky. My sister and her family are in town and I took them for one of my favorite hikes along the road to Hana. The lush green foliage contrasted with the sharp blue sky. We waded and swam in cool mountain streams and played under waterfalls. The water was chilly, but we warmed up quickly in the Maui sun. After dropping my sister off, I stopped to check out the surf. Nice sized waves were groomed by offshore winds. The water was crystal clear and you could see the reef below. I ended the night the Jim Sanders Realty Holiday Party at the Place a good new restaurant in Ma’alaea. As we sat out on the patio, enjoying the beautiful Maui evening, all of my coworkers could not help but revel in the weather and out good fortune to live on Maui.

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