Potential Ma’alaea Live Work Project

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The Maui News had an article yesterday on a potential live-work project proposed for Ma’alaea. Victory development would like to take a four acre parcel in Ma’alaea and convert it into a mixed use, six building project with ground level commercial space and 2nd and 3rd story residences. Victory is currently building Kai Ani Village in Kihei. Kai Ani Village is another mixed use development with some buildings having first floor commercial space with second story residences. Mixed use projects are somewhat new to Maui with only one existing building at the Millyard in Wailuku prior to Kai Ani. These developments have been viewed somewhat favorably by the planning department due to lesser impacts on traffic. The as of yet named Ma’alaea development needs to go through a special management area permit process prior to the beginning of sales. We will continue to monitor news and potential sales information on this proposed development on THE Maui Real Estate Blog.

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