Putting in a Couple Plugs for Maui Events and Businesses

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Every once in a while, I will use the Maui Real Estate Blog to put in a plug for a friend’s business or an upcoming event. I have a couple of things to promote today. The first is real estate related, the second plug is not quite real estate related.

Yesterday’s Maui News had a quick announcement on an upcoming Photovoltaic Solar Workshop. With Maui’s location in the middle of the Pacific, the island is taking an aggressive stance towards the use of renewable energies. This is manifested on a county level with the recent construction of a wind farm on the slopes of the West Maui mountains above Ma’alaea. On an individual level, a number of home owners are starting to look at photovoltaic solar systems for their homes. There have always been a number of homes that use photovoltaic energy for off the grid homes in rural areas of the island. The absence of nearby electrical infrastructure leaves some little choice but to use solar systems if they are living in rural areas. However, there are an increasing number of home owners who are choosing to go photovoltaic and still be attached to the grid. These home owners will often sell back surplus electricity to the local power company. The events run from the 26th through the 28th in Waikapu at the Kahili Golf Course. Check out the article in the news for more information on event times, specific workshops and costs. This could be a great opportunity for those that are considering renewable energies for their home.

Our friend Cristiana Fisher has a new clothing line called To Da Max. To Da Max features beach ware, yoga ware and fitness ware made in Brazil “with Aloha”. Cristiana has done a great job creating a website for her clothing line. If you need a new bikini or yoga outfit, check out the To Da Max website.

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