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It was a good but very busy work week for me. When you get consumed in work, sometimes you lose track of your surroundings. I was able to take a good chunk of today off with a friend in town visiting from the mainland. We went on one of the great waterfall hikes just off of Hana Highway. We meandered through the alien world of a bamboo forest. Scaled up a rope to get to a series of pools above. Swam up a stretch of a cool stream to reach a beautiful pool with a 70 foot fall at the end. The waterflow was light and a gentle spray cascaded down the face of the rocks. You were able to scale the rocks and dive in from heights of about 15 feet above the water. It was true tropical splendor. At one point I sat about 10 feet up the falls with the spray falling lightly on me. The sun shining down felt warm contrasting with the cool wet rocks and the light spray from above. An amphitheater of green surrounded me. It wasn’t long before the worries of the work week were melting away and I was in a Maui state of mind.

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