Rentals on Maui

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We get a lot of inquiries on about long term rentals on island. Our business is to focus on real estate sales. As such, we can not provide direct assistance in the search for long term rentals. That being said, there are generally a few good online resources we will provide to those seeking rentals on Maui.

The Maui News Classifieds is the most popular resource for renters and owners. The local newspaper appears to have the greatest inventory of long term rentals for all over the island.

I have noticed more landlords and home owners advertising rentals on Craigslist. While some landlords will post on as many services as possible, I always seem to notice some unique properties on Craigslist.

There is a new rental webiste that appears to be growing in popularity called Maui Property Leasings. Each time I have checked out the site, the number of listings available appears to be growing.

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