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Restoring Native Forests on Maui

Yesterday, I posted about our weekend overnight at the Polipoli Cabin in Upcountry Maui. The redwoods of Polipoli are beautiful, but distinctly non-native. It is somewhat ironic that on the same day I posted about Polipoli, I stumbled upon this great video about recent efforts on the island to restore the native forests of Maui. I had the opportunity to watch this talk live at TEDxMaui. Dr. Art Medeiros has been spearheading an amazing project that is restoring the unique ecosystems of the dryland native Hawaiian forests. If you have a moment, it is worth the time to learn about Dr. Medeiros’ efforts.

This post is something of a non sequitur from the usual content on The Maui Real Estate Blog. To tie it back into the real estate world, we have a listing in Olinda where the owner has been embarking on his own efforts to restore the native forest. There have been over 1200 native trees planted on the property including varieties such as Koa, Ohia and Sandalwood. The trees are flourishing like this beautiful Koa showing in the photo below.

The native forest restoration is subsidized by a NRCS grant. Over 30 acres of the estate are protected by a gated deer fence allowing a future owner the opportunity to continue the restoration efforts and expand the plantings. Check out the 1050 Piiholo Road listing page for additional photos and details about this one of a kind Upcountry property.

Pete Jalbert

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