Sailing into the Weekend

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It looks like it will be something of a quiet weekend on Maui. Perhaps it is a quiet before the storm so to speak as Halloween is a pretty popular event on Maui. Front Street in Lahaina is typically the epicenter of Halloween fun. Local officials are down playing the Lahaina celebration this year so we are likely to see a more geographically diverse celebration. I know Paia is having kids and adult themed events. I am getting a head of myself though. I will give a little more detail on Halloween festivities next week.

Sailing off the coast of Maui looking towards Molokai

There are a few early Halloween events scheduled this weekend including a Spooktacular concert Sunday afternoon at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center featuring the Maui Pops orchestra. The Maui News has information on some other festivities in the Maui Scene. It should be a great weekend weather wise with light winds and a moderate sized north west swell bringing waves to North Shore and West Maui beaches. Contact the Jalbert brothers if you want to make looking at Maui Real Estate part of your weekend activities.

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