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Aloha! Just this last week, we updated our search functions on Maui Real Both our search page and the results have been changed as our underlying board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service database has been upgraded. The new search has some cool features. For example, you can now search homes, condos and lands in an individual community or communities. In the past, you were only able to search one type of property. In terms of the search results, we have customized our search so that it is now integrated with Google Maps so you can get a better sense of where the property is located on the island. The one caveat being that Google Maps occasionally have some issues with Hawaiian addresses.

Our ability to customize the is one of the best elements of the new underlying board of realtors database . We are not locked in to a cookie cutter format. We consider the current search on our site to be a Beta or test version. We would like to make changes taking in to account user feedback. If you regularly search for listings, we would love to hear what you think. We would love to hear specific feedback on the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Additions that would be helpful
  • The right search parameters
  • Output of search – readability / usability

Don’t hold back, we want to hear the good and the bad. Contact us today and let us know any ideas you have for changes and/or additional features. Thanks in advance for your comments!

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