South Swells

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It has been a while since I have done a surf post on the blog. Between a busy schedule and a lack of surf, I have not had much opportunity to get in the water. La Nina weather patterns tend to mean smaller surf on the North Shores of the Hawaiian Islands and that has been the case this year. The southern hemispheres on the other hand have been a little bit more active than usual for this time of year. Yesterday, the South and West shores of Maui saw a nice swell come up. Billy and I set the alarms early this morning so we could get our gills wet. It had been far too long and it felt fantastic to get on the water. We took our stand up paddle boards to a wave a little bit away from the rest of the crowd. For the most part, it was just Billy and me splitting the waves between ourselves. In the distance, we were able to watch whales playing. After about an hour and a half, the two of us headed back to shore refreshed from the water but fatigued from the paddle. You could not have asked for a much better Maui morning.

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